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As one of the best hair transplant doctors in all of Queens, Dr. V Abayev, is a board certified anesthesiologist with a long history of minimally invasive hair transplant. Dr. V and his team offer clients a vista array of cosmetic medicine and wellness services, designed to ensure that each and every patient leaves looking, and feeling better than the way they came!

As a board certified anesthesiologist and leader in the field of aesthetics, Dr. V’s extensive medical background allows him to approach aesthetic enhancement care in a unique way, that ensures that patients not only look better on the outside but feel even better on the inside! With a tireless work ethic, and an innovative aesthetic eye, Dr. V has led his staff in a direction that has made them one of the most highly sought after hair transplant practices in all of Queens.

Dr. V has dedicated his life to the field of aesthetic surgery and has honed his surgical skills by traveling nationally and internationally participating in numerous symposiums, workshops, and fellowships.

The Lowest Cost Permanent Hair Transplants in Queens

Our minimally invasive, permanent hair transplant procedures are performed by professionally trained technicians, physicians and surgeons. All our hair transplant procedures are performed without the risks associated with typical surgery and with no cutting and no general anesthesia.

Up to 1,000 Grafts - Starting At:


A permanent hair loss procedure designed to be minimally-invasive and precise.

Up to 1,500 Grafts - Starting At:


A permanent hair loss procedure designed to be minimally-invasive and precise.

Up to 2,000 Grafts - Starting At:


A permanent hair loss procedure designed to be minimally-invasive and precise.


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15 Years Experience and Over 10,000 Procedures

The Best Rated Transplant Procedures
And The Lowest Cost in Queens

The slow and insidious loss of hair in both men and women can change their social circles greatly.

First impressions are important in today’s world, and the thinning of hair or a receding hairline can impart an older and less youthful appearance. This can cause loss of confidence in a patient, or lead then to utilize other cover up techniques, which may not be the best choice.

Our procedures are truly is the safest and most permanent solution you can find for hair loss. Due to the popularity of our procedures, they have been featured on some of the largest news networks in the world.


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How you choose to treat your hair loss depends on the cause. It also depends on your feelings. You may decide that you need treatment, or you may not be worried about thinning hair or baldness. The choice is up to you.

If hair loss is caused by something that won’t last or can be treated, your hair is likely to grow back. For example, if an underactive thyroid is causing the problem, taking thyroid medicine may help. And most hair lost during chemotherapy will grow back after the treatment ends.

Hair loss that runs in the family can be treated with medicines or hair transplant surgery. Some people choose to wear hairpieces, like wigs or toupees (say “too-PAYZ”). Finding different ways of styling your hair, like dyeing or combing, also can help.


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